Alex the Grave

My art involves personal exposure while maintaining a level of ambiguity. I therapeutically deal with issues of trauma and hardship through a lens of dry humor. The people in my portraiture are myself or those close to me juxtaposed with text to describe a situation or theme, as the works are in series. I am interested in the vibration of colors next to each other and the structural architecture of drawing. I explore feelings of isolation and living in a small world that I believe apply to both my childhood and disability as if connected by a line. Inspired by comic books while also having a rural sensibility, my paintings have a lot of smudging and line work as I use my fingers and rags as well as brushes and paint pens. Subjects are portrayed larger than life and zoomed in; I hope to both expose a situation while portraying the individual with respect and integrity, as well as confront an audience with subjects often considered somewhat taboo.

My poetry books are where comedy plays a larger role. Since the poetry is leagues more intimate than the paintings, I am choosing to rid them of their self importance by making them tiny quickly done facsimiles and offered free to the public. I describe feelings ranging in all directions and feature often heavy handed language and melodramatic concepts. My interest is in recreating an intense and quickly dispersed specific moment and state of mind. It's compelling to examine how people and events, as well as biology,  help form you as a person and then magnify and exaggerate this phenomenon.

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